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K9 Working Dogs train at 6:30PM on Mondays and Thursdays starting with obedience then on to protection work. Whether you are new to the dog world or a seasoned handler, we welcome all and we are here to help you in achieving your goals. Membership offers to those that are dedicated to training and title their dog for PSA.

We are full at this time and can not accept anymore members, if you'd like to join please email us and we will contact you when we can accept more members. Thanks.

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Khoi Pham ----- khoipham@verizon.net ---- (214) 587-6750

About Protection Sports Association


PSA Protection Sports Association provide and outlet for civilian competition in Obedience and controlled Protection, heavy decoy and environmental pressure of the sport requiring dogs of strongest nerve and clearest head to overcome distractions and at the same time performing multiple tasks giving by handler, upper level competition are all surprised scenario, no routine.



April 19, 2015: Wild Wild West K9 Klash Tournament

April 25-26th, 2015: 2015 West Coast Decoy Camp

October 25-26th, 2014: PSA West Coast Regionals

July 27th, 2014: PSA Mock Trial
Calling all PSA trainers near us, Lubbock, Houston, Oklahoma, Arkansas. K9 Working Dogs of Dallas and Dallas K9 Working Dogs will have a PSA mock trial/training day on July 27th at 10AM the location is 1500 Big Town Shopping Center, Mesquite, Texas 75149. Lunch is on us, we can train or do a mock trial with correction with your dog, this is to prepare those that want to trial at our October Trial. This event is only for PSA handlers. Thanks. January 11th, 2014 :PSA open field, 10AM
October 12, 2013: PSA West Coast Regionals

August 25, 2012: We will have a unsanctioned PSA mock trial at 10 a.m.

June 22nd & 23rd, 2013: PSA Trial in TEXAS Hosted by Dallas K-9 Working Dogs

June 2, 2013: BBQ Day!

February 10, 2013:
10 am K9 WD Dallas will be hosting a PSA open field day. We will be doing bitework and obedience and grilling hot dogs. This is a good event to attend if you're new to PSA and want to learn. $5 per person and lunch is included.

December 1st-2nd, 2012: K9 Working Dogs PSA Trial!

October 25, 2012: Another Working K9 Tournament at Billy Bobs!

October, 2012: Obedience Evaluation Day!

August 18th-19th, 2012: Hub City K-9 will be hosting their first PSA Trial.

June 14, 2012: Obedience Evaluation Day!

May 10, 2012: MAY-HEM Working K9 Tournament at Billy Bobs!

March 31 - April 1, 2012: PSA Trial


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